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they. a a. we've been moving along more . eye. welcoming the live feed of the hinterland. they're telling their headlines this hour. the new government has just been announced of all this trouble in ukraine bought when we get parliamentary approval. can't help how clashes of the country's progress in south will have my dts and cranny of the latest the full adult child one good thing criminal court to british muslim convert
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substitute for what was taking a soldier to death on a london street. well a decision by germany's top court. freelance could win a seat in the european parliament. yep that is out were a temporary government has just been announced and if approved it will cover an elections in may. but in the country is anything but unifying clashes broke out on wednesday between pro russian and pokey as citizens in the country shall look at a live update from our correspondents in kiev in crimea in just a moment first this report the action of peace protest is outside the parliament in simple in the capital of the autonomous region of crimea. in a row count among the crowds that gathered and to voice their opinions on ukraine's political crisis. the russian demonstrators clashed with representatives of the winning team is not just as the minority. the entire
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time the snake russians accounts almost sixty percent of the population in crimea frequently it's necessary an independent one. we don't want about it that he can from western ukraine when collin now. moscow see as ukraine's new governments could trying to change crimea assault on a mistake since it is bound not to let that happen. russia's black sea fleet as its main base in some hostilile bow. and it's no coincidence that kremlin has chosen this time to flex its military muscle russian defence minister sergei chile two cents. president putin has ordered a full tank combat readiness trail to begin friday. along the border with ukraine ukraine is the largest country in tiny inside the european continent and its bold in two directions seventy eight percent of its forty six million inhabitants are ethnic ukrainians
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seventeen percent on ethnic russians. the country's agricultural wednesday discussed at times with the eu. the east with its heavy industry and mining enjoys close relations with russia as does the crimean peninsula where russia's black sea fleet is based interim president of alexander touching off. who is considered to be pruned lance has now expanded his own powers by pronouncing himself. come on in chief of the armed forces. let's go live now to kiev where our correspondent mike this layer is standing by with the very latest which is the candidate was unveiled in a ceremony on independence square who is in that cabinet. how did the crabby. way. then tuesday is taking place right behind me and to him. some say exactly already of prime minister probably wouldn't be on tv at the nucleus which is one of them was one of the protest leaders. ahi on
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the independence square behind me on the ufo on the new covenant and to people from the protest movement would take part in this covenant. there have been reports that there would be of use in people's concerts in each ministry and one of the protesters allen who led the mix. and carson my don helped keep the study of convoy against the honor code that regime would become a minister for sport and youth. these issues. and we will have to wait and see whether this is enough to on foot for the months of keeping on in my garden behind me. on the day away again and there were protests against called phones and demonstrate is to come. his teacher to stay in the streets as long as it takes to get the re a change in ukraine. it briefly in august. we heard news that moscow has said its troops to battle ready position. how is that news going down the aisle. when i'm on
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the one and of course they are not associated said people are worried that russia really could take the military forced in to see and this is the internal conflicts the ukraine but on the other hand how many un at the independence square behind me satan. russia should not dad to our tenants as russia russia should not dare to interfere with troops into ukraine. they have a wall in the caucasus already they should not open the second front. leslie thanks very much will be staking him or the coming days and two at an ounce of course on nbc and ken was standing by for us and sent the ball in the crimea where clashes broke out on wednesday. lucy and the fighting in that region was pretty heated today. how serious is the fact that we could see an escalation of this violence. what a treat to the attitude that you can see they were quite dramatic but brett took up a real critic of the african
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movement growing it. i've actually been decreed. other than able politician in the background from both sides of the pretty at first but after the russian side were actually more interested in keeping our brothers though. actually of sort of exacerbating the conflict. to which we observe. so did they get scared to say that there is no possibility that this region could potentially break off from ukraine. only the rest of the fact that there is the threat of all with you people the pension for the broader region. of course that actually make the local location. i get that much more power than they actually have the privilege to brush her up at the peak of leverage. so whether russia will actually use it. in an effort to broker the entirely like weeks. russia flexing its military muscle along the border with its distance from the people in cranberry do they support such a measure there are a lot of
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people in crimea with the fighters from russia there's also a large naval base in the opal. so that people do it to look to russia and the ones that feel that they would like to join russia. we are encouraged but the current group of people are all too realistic and realize that the allies of the just for show. st and thanks to the inside. as we sit here and there is a war of words emerging between ukraine's eastern and western allies in nato is trying its full support behind ukraine in a way that seems to be hinting at russia to back off on wednesday me to call for ukraine's sovereignty and territory to be respected ukraine isn't a member of nato but it is a puppet ministry exercises and operations. the head of the alliance warned against foreign intervention. without explicitly mentioning russia week. taking the bronze age
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that's four nations respects the sovereignty and independence. and territorial integrity of ukraine. adam and this is the message that we have or show up on dates back to mid may comes around it was the first nations summit to germany's new defense minister was enough on the line. she called on russia to cooperate in managing ukraine's crisis this was known as the sunni interests not just in germany but also nato and russia the ukraine find its way back to stability and we can only come up with a solution by working together. the turmoil in ukraine is a headache than a tent. several member states shall border with the country they don't want its divisions to deepen. with the speed of the ukrainian on olson's of behaving professionally during its
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domestic crisis and will sadly be encouraging them to continue to do so representatives of the ukrainian government and religion will join mensa for talks in brussels on thursday in other news to islamist extremists have been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of british soldier and the brigade in london last year. rigby was run over and stabbed to death by a man in full view of shot craps. the attack provoked both anger and revulsion of cross for his family has welcomed the heady sentences passed down by the high court at the old bailey in london they say justice has now been summer. the sentiment is a scuffle outside the old lady in the mood and emotions have been running high throughout this case. he's gone awry. demonstrators climate of this to be. income trusts and dignified appearance play with his family and the right to cool would this impact statements they told the judge of the difficulties they faced in coming to terms with
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the staff. police family liaison officer spoke to the sentencing to die the wrigley family welcomes a whole lot of significance instances of impulse down with the skills. we feel that no sentence would have been acceptable. i would like to thank the judge and the colts behind him down what we believe to be the black prison sentence. the judge told michael that one our job here on the mask that he would die in jail. michael added the one they will say that east forty five years behind bars. the two men were removed from hold on to become unruly. what convicted of murder in december security camera footage of the attack should read these gaudy red has commenced pacing about him by. the two then tried to attack police shot and wounded. both men describe themselves as soldiers of allah. taking revenge on british soldiers leading muslims in britain was outspoken in their condemnation of the killing sentencing was today one of
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the job so clarity on what the whole life sentences without parole but compatible with european rule. this month britain's court of appeals ruled that was the case. this business now here in germany the robust economy is bolstering people's wallets the new consumer climate survey published by jeremy's gsk of market research group says consumer sentiment is at its highest level in seven years that means that shoppers are increasingly willing to spend rather than save their catch many people say they feel their jobs are more secure and expects their earnings to increase and with the interest rates still low many consumers say it's simply not worth while thanking their money. under the markets know where i report or at the frankfurt stock exchange italy boss said geo politics ruled the day traders were basically debating about what kind of an effect this situation in ukraine would have on the financial markets
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all week that they didn't decide that it would be having any considerable effect but that seems to have changed now within the last couple of hours people are now worried that the situation in ukraine and possible reactions by russia could have it the stabilizing effect politically and economically. one of the reasons why the ducks went down. in spite of a very good to consumer climate in germany. another reason people just think that a more positive news surprisingly positive news has to come from the economic side in from the corporate side in order to perhaps reach the record highs again. in frankfurt there let's look at the role market numbers starting in frankfurt the dax down by about one four percent on the day ninety six sixty one the clothes. euro stocks fifty also down slightly less thirty one forty eight as and over in new york the dow is training in just slightly out that sixty one ninety two and the euro down against the dollar one thirty six
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seventy one. anchored in the air bus group had a healthy year in twenty thirteen the group earned one point five billion euros last year an increase of twenty percent from the year before the earnings were largely thanks to high demand for passenger jets but your boss does have some hurdles to jump. along with a three fifty jack is turning out to be more costly than anticipated. the company is downsizing its defence business. six thousand jobs on top. then us based general motors has double the number of cars that it's recalling due to faulty ignition switch is some one point six million vehicles are now affected following the initial recall two weeks ago. among the cars up for repairs or chevrolet pontiac and saturn models made between two thousand five in two thousand seven the ignition switch problem has been linked to thirteen fatal accidents as protected airbags field to inflate consumer groups have criticized jen's timing saying the company has been aware of the problem for
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years. european parliament has approved tougher anti smoking rules ban on most flavored tobacco products to new laws will come into effect in twenty sixteen lawmakers in brussels voted in favor of larger warning labels on cigarette packs with strong wording such as smoking kills quit now mornings will include mandatory pictures of rotting teeth or cancer and passed it belongs. there are currently some seven hundred thousand smoking related deaths in the eu. every year. a couple in california have found themselves in the real life story. i'm worried that treasure husband and wife were walking the dog on a property last year when they stumbled across a number of rusty metal cage. it's inside were more than fourteen hundred gold coins from the late eighteen hundreds almost all means condition currency experts say the treasure trove could be worth more than seven million euro. the couple plan to use the money to pay off bills and to donate to some local
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carrots. the sun gridlock that while the sake of a free polemic on that we have a whole lot moread to germany why had to china. stay with us for the fun and also his shock of my head it is the real madrid are the champions league. stay tuned use. a a. i mean. i
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find. at her the eye germany's constitutional court has struck down a law requiring political parties to win at least three percent of the vote in order to get into the european parliament our critics say that it will make it easier for extremist parties like germany's far right npd to win seats in the european parliament elections scheduled for may a host of smaller parties have welcomed the ruling the minister of small party the pirate party with a blanket in the case against three percent threshold in european elections the spirit dolls and the time the laws barring policies and political groups which received less than three percent of the defence from
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taking seats and thus remove the electoral significance of these products to violate the principles of natural equality and equal opportunities of political parties. last night and it would be difficult. now every vote counts and even a smaller parties like the pirates have the chance to be represented in the european parliaments the problem this time the devil caucus or democratic parties will have the right to be in common is that it's not that the constitutional court has ruled that three percent rule many groups policies and initiatives can have a say in parliament he also an element of water each day but the job in government is warning that right wing extremist and anti foreigner parties will benefit from the removal of the three percent hurdle assistance towards you with five minutes none of us wants that extremists on the incident in parliament the nine kong. this is an
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issue and not just that osgood will make. thanks to some stage. this is something that is one of society needs to care about that is its hefty stubble to combine the eu member states take differing approaches to the issue. there are twelve countries that sent no threshold at all. along with germany increases at the barrier at three percent four countries have placed it at four percent. the rest have chosen five. chile's constitutional when dancing with the european parliament failed to function properly as a result a new election threshold could be considered oh and her mind all this work i now like to get his chief political correspondent melinda cranes so melinda who exactly is going to benefit from the swelling. well there were nineteen different template is in this case many of them parties that so small that many germans have never heard of them. the decision probably won't make all that much difference to those that use not one of the beneficiaries there in the case the anti establishment pirate party
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and a very big supported internet freedom. they can benefit from it so could the liberal free democrats as you will remember they were the junior coalition partner in uncle america's last government. there are still likely to profit from the us where it gets interesting is the far right and the euro skeptic parties for example like the npt the record economists are both far right groups or for example the eighth std. all of those parties that may now wind up getting into the european parliament who probably wouldn't have stood a chance before its willing and as the german justice minister said. that's the part that got people wary tell how is all this being received and what have the potential repercussions. whether it is that it looks like far right groups and you're skeptical parties are likely to see a very strong boat across the eu. now there's nothing to those groups would like more than to form an official political bloc within the next eu parliament and to
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get official recognition there is a threshold that they have capacity to do that twenty five members of parliament and seventy different countries. this decision does make it more likely that that threshold will be reached because the german contingent is the biggest one within the parliament and it now undoubtedly will include more are right and euro skeptic groups. moreover the larger political bloc the more money and gets the more debate on the cats to work committee seats. it gets so for many far right and a euro skeptic group said this decision could be bothered goodness i love to see how it all shakes out with those elections in may melinda crane be given much for the inside the dimension of germany's far right scene now the german cabinet has presented before proposals for the country's intelligence service the agency has come under fire following a string of right wing motivated murders that went undetected for years. the murders are committed to members of
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the msu war national socialists under grant now a german parliamentary committee spent fifteen months looking into just how authorities failed in their investigation of the neo killing spree. the final verdict said that police and intelligence. totally underestimated the threat the reforms put forward by ministers and the stunning series of recommendations made by the parliamentary committee on the msu. between two thousand and two thousand sam and the neo gang carried out ten murders mostly to racist motives. investigators failed to connect the killings. that was caused by a series of parents criticism has focused on the inability of federal and regional authorities to work together. now the federal domestic intelligence services to handle own pieces with the racist background and federal prosecutors took the formula prepare the interior minister to most in the css to fight against right wing extremism can be like if the authorities alone
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thirty people by the end of the day the states want you to solve the problems connected to this innings on its own people and elected state and society walk together. mom and em to come ministers want to draft legislation on the reforms by next month. and now to another level development in germany german prosecutors have launched preliminary proceedings against former interior minister hunt contest richmond. prosecutors say they believe footage revealed official secrets by passing on information about police investigation into a member of parliament the patient who is a member of the conservatives see as you step down earlier this month after revelations that he informed social democrat party leaders did not copy of the spd lawmaker sebastian a dusty was a suspect in an international child investigation. the duration says he acted illegally when informing down korea. three people in large areas of northern china have been smuggling to cope with alarming levels of smog in the air. the city is entering
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its eighth day of orange alert. the second highest level of people say their case gritty and many are worried about the impact that it will have on their house the world famous portrait of mao zedong in tiananmen square is barely visible and prince mom has blanketed the team for more than a week even at midday. it feels like counts. the sun simply can't penetrate the polluted air. there's even a lawyer a week being trying to stay home as much as possible today. the pollution is really bad. the stakes are extra tree system. it just didn't go out unless we absolutely have to. a lot what can you really are some criteria that it had been thinking about relocating actually i kinda conditions return to the elderly and children union on a commuter on the top. one league matches pollution and eighteen. the greenpeace activists as the greens are as much as sixteen times and beyond what the world health
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organization says kissing she is calling for action it should be more discussion or conversation the amount the government and the pa figured out what kind of masters know what kind of copy protection measures should be taken with these kind of pushing happens meeting introduced a four tier and smog alert system last year. the government also current industrial complex. when apples are tiny but for many and is not enough. in the province and he being one man is reportedly suing the government for losses incurred because of air pollution. many in china and calling pouring into growth in all costs and for a more sustainable economy. soccer fans out there getting set for a big gain in just about twenty minutes. german bundesliga side salad to take on spanish club real madrid in the champions league round of the last sixty will have lost a single match since
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october but they also haven't won a game on german soil since two thousand recount in on counters preparations the world's media has descended on bills and tension for the crunch clash against real madrid. even a soccer coach admits it's something special when one of the world's most prestigious contest is in town for the very first time the sauce comes to some looking around to it you can tell it's something special the atmosphere has been special. all week. when cool and this is the man at the center of attention cristiano ronaldo. the world footballer of the year has just sent a three match ban in spain and isolde find out once out of play in particular is looking forward to the challenge. strike a touchdown on top rated real madrid for two years. sis and it's a great game for us and we can enjoy playing against a top team if we show one hundred percent passion and commitment and we can make it
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difficult for any team in a spam law. whatever shall could come up with reality it's fast is it to this stadium is bound to be a night to remember. well the world has lost one of its most influential musicians spanish guitarist and composer pocketed oceanic has done a heart attack in mexico at age sixty six in either the cia was known for fusing traditional flamenco music but other genres like that pop and classical. he's credited with renewing flamenco for a younger generation and spreading of popularity around the world within a sea of flamenco to a well in audience. concepts such as this one with just guitar is john mcloughlin and roll this new global acclaim francisco said just moments he was credited with modernizing the gypsy tradition is naked and has incorporated jazz and pop
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influences into his music the kids all the tunes and started playing and any money to make a fuss when he was twelve he moved to madrid to tuesday and released his first album when he was eighteen. okay in nineteen sixty nine he teamed up with a tomato base that was considered one of the places in the main testing is a full time. i mean. then he experimented with many styles of music i put the seal police claim to remain faithful to his origins. he said flamenco was what gave him strength. the tall to muster the agenda was great to have you with us. thanks for watching the next time the yen. however it will all
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walk with god. it's like holds up enough that the titans scored since somebody who isn't. he was
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the sticks the two. come out on our backs. one of her that co author. watching one of our. though. every year. i mean the in you. he
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knew in a bowl the tree. so many of the daughters of somebody. and gave them a fair chance. the island. i think you see something of what is the great united states. i must say that in the united states. two variants of you are. sons and daughters. twenty five million. in fact horror something which greeted the time. links between ireland and the united states are dong and enjoying the fact that twenty two us presidents same irish heritage shows that the bond between our two run home. all ever. if president reagan and kennedy descendants were trying to immigrate to the united states t

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